About Nobivac®

The new name for the high-quality vaccines you already know and depend on

Merck Animal Health, long a global leader in vaccines, has consolidated the best vaccines in our portfolio under one recognizable name to help you more simply provide the high-quality care pets need—and their owners expect.

The Nobivac® line includes the vaccines you already know, trust, and use. Now under the Nobivac® brand, many of these vaccines carry names that include species, duration of immunity, and antigen(s) as part of the product name, for enhanced clarity. This broad portfolio of vaccines offers you:

  • Maximum flexibility and choice when customizing protocols
  • Simplified ordering, storing, and dispensing

With new offerings currently in development, our goal is to optimize the Nobivac® line to meet the latest veterinary practice needs by:

  • Responding to evolving professional guidelines
  • Monitoring disease development
  • Adding products to meet areas of emerging clinical need
  • Continuing to provide important services, materials, and technical support

Fostering and protecting essential bonds—what the new Nobivac® brand is all about

Nobivac® embodies the essential nature of protection and the emotional bonds that inspire us to protect. Nobivac® vaccines help you protect the essential bonds:

  • Between people and their pets
  • Between you and your clients